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James A. Brooks

Co-Founder - Co-Owner - Producer - Director - Actor - Writer

James is a screenwriter, director, and producer, currently based in Las Vegas Nevada and has a 23+ year Motion Picture/Television background. He has already started building a very solid reputation as a respected regional filmmaker, and has garnered consistent acclaim with a number of very well-received full-length feature films, documentaries, music videos, industrial infomercials, short films, and award-winning commercial productions. Turning ideas into life motion pictures and inspiring people has been and is James’ passion and mission.

Seraina Murk

Co-Founder - Co-Owner - Producer - Writer

Seraina was born and raised in a small mountain village high up in the Swiss Alps. Thanks to her artist family, she got involved with the showbiz already at an early age. After her degree in business management she became a professional ski racer and company owner of “Mountainfreak” and “Cima Voyage”. Due to her background in the aerospace industry, she is home in every corner of the world. Seraina speaks 7 languages, has lived in several countries, is Swiss record holder and currently fastest Swiss skier (140mph). She was Speed Skiing World Champion in 2015.

Robert Scott Brock

Producer - Director - Writer

Scott made his first experience with film making in high school and later in the military, when he got involved with different production companies, and was ultimately hired to do stunt work for many European films. After leaving the service he wrote a few stories and continued doing short films. In the 90’s he was to film a T.V. series with Brandon Lee as his main lead, after Brandon was done filming “The Crow“. Scott has written multiple other screenplays since then and directed a series of short films, such as: “Blink and Be Quiet” and “If You Know What’s Good For You”. 

David & Larry Sontag

Producers - Actors - Writers

David and Larry have been in the entertainment business for over 26 years and have worked alongside some of the top names in the movie and television industry. They have also traveled the pro wrestling circuit for eighteen years and performed main event on four continents. Their large size and easy going demeanor made them adept at playing villainous as well as comedic characters on TV and feature films. Their most famous roles were starring in Ocean’s 11 and 12 as Andy Garcia’s Goons. David and Larry are a unique addition to any event.

Tony (T.J) Jarrett

Producer - Writer - Promoter

Tony has been in and around the entertainment business since the early nineties when he established his first independent record label at age 23 in Chicago.   After a successful run he went on to become a local concert promoter which piqued his interest for bigger projects.  Tony has since written several screenplays in addition to creating concepts and treatments for television shows.  Tony has worked on major projects such as the BET show “Sunday Best” as well as the 2011 feature film “The Rite” starring Sir Anthony Hopkins.