Our Concept

HotSpot Film Productions Inc.

HotSpot Film Productions® Inc. is a highly motivated, commercially savvy production company whose mission is to be a studio without walls… creating a prolific slate of films with appeal for world audiences, providing a healthy if not enviable return to investors.

HotSpot Film Productions® Inc. consists of  business entrepreneurs James A. Brooks and Seraina Murk. Their goal is to create movie products with universal appeal, that can be exploited across multiple traditional and digital platforms both in theaters and via direct to home distribution. The Company intends to produce three to five motion pictures per year, with budgets ranging from $8 million to $30 million USD. HotSpot Film Group® Inc. is raising funding in order to implement the overall plan and all the movie projects. There is however, great flexibility in the overall funding level and the movies it produces against this.

Its business model is to apply multiple aspects to monetizing the projects and thus potentially increasing profits.

Movies produced by independent producers who are not associated with or financed by major U.S. film studios can cut through levels of bureaucracy, thereby having the advantage of being streamlined, cost‐effective, efficient and goal‐oriented, with quick turnaround. HotSpot Film Productions® Inc. is just such a nimble, independent company using all aspects of the corporate, financial Group, operational and distribution mix to drive the most revenue for investors.

A US and Swiss based corporation, HotSpot Film Productions® Inc. has the experience, dedication, and worldwide connections needed to create and produce amazing feature films.