For Investors

First and foremost, thank you for your interest.

Due to the Covid-19 shutdown, movies & serial productions have temporarily come to a halt. Now, more than ever in the history of film making, the time is perfect to invest in movie & serial content. The lockdown has created a huge demand for streaming content, while the supply pipeline has not been able to produce new content. A large block of consumers switched from traditional TV to streaming services during the first 6 months of 2020. 

The longstanding studio model is not the only game in town anymore and uncertainties of producing a quality film no longer exist. Essentially, producers shopping for a finished movie at several distribution outlets is minimized. 

The huge demand for new content is supported by major streaming services. Netflix, for example, spent over 15 billion USD and Amazon over 5 billion USD on new content in the past few years and the revenues continue to increase. The large upside for investors’ ROI is still firmly in place, while the traditional theatrical option is also still available. Now we have a new trend with streaming companies beginning to buy movie theaters. Netflix, Disney and Amazon will soon have their own chain of movie theaters as well. There is less downside and even more dollars bidding on new content for streaming exploitation. 

HotSpot Film Productions Inc., a USA and Swiss company, has a unique dynamic investment model, which is tailored to maximize the benefits of its investors, while mitigating the risks all productions face worldwide. Every film shot will be done through a single purpose corporation.

HotSpot Film Productions Inc. will maximize all potential tax credit opportunities worldwide for all of its productions and with the advantage being based in the USA and Switzerland, will open the market for all types of investors; small, large and exclusive. This will make investing much faster, safer and more convenient. Additionally, investors will have a share in the profit of the fund’s productions, as well as conferring extra benefits, such as invitations to movie premieres, meet & greets, visits on movie sets, etc.

We have all the intrinsic elements for this terrific project and rely on strong partners, who not only see this model as an outstanding investment opportunity, but with their “outside-the-box-thinking” mentality also wish to be part of tomorrow’s revolutionary technology.

We are looking forward to hearing from you and jointly customize your individual investment plan.